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Clearly influenced by power metal in the vein of Helloween, Hammerfall, and countless others that could be named here, LOTT are clearly in their element performing power metal and killing it. Fang, aka Ty Christian, has a quality to his voice that reminds me so much of Niklas Isfeldt, formerly of Dream Evil. But when he has to, he can get up there and really wail away with all the confidence in the world. Guitarists Asian Metal and Killius Maximus have got the power metal chops down perfectly. With the twin melodies they create and then the speed, it’s clear these guys can play the instruments with more than an amateur proficiency. 4/5 – Greg Watson, Maximum Metal (January 15th, 2017)



Overall, Lords Of The Trident’s third album is a solid alternative to those who feel that the power metal legends such as Helloween have faltered on their most recent efforts. The Plan Of Attack EP may be the band’s strongest moment but Frostburn is a strong recommendation to those still unfamiliar with the band’s methods of madness. One can sense that the band is on the cusp of something truly inspiring. – Chris Latta, Psychic Shorts (December 7th, 2015)


Gli arrangiamenti dei brani contenuti nell’album “Frostburn” sono tutti compatti e diretti senza rinunciare a qualche minimo fronzolo che però non inquina l’immediatezza. Riescono a coinvolgere con un rock già sentito mille volte, ma che non annoia. In questo, il brano d’apertura “Knights of Dragon’s Deep“, come anche la successiva “The Loungest Journey“, sono un ottimo esempio. Stesso discorso per “Wind of The Storm” con le chitarre serrate, ma pulite. Sorprendentemente queste influenze non si fermano al rock AOR anni ’80 ma, specie in alcuni riff, si sentono reminiscenze Hawkwind (e come poteva essere altrimenti?), mischiate a vocalizzi che omaggiano quelli tipici di Tallarico degli Aerosmith, come in “Manly Witness“. – Giorgio Barnia, Rome By Wild (December 3rd, 2015)


Fans of power metal should definitely checkout Frostburn. The record is very energetic as well as very well made. Lords of the Trident as a band have a lot of character, talent and seeing what they do after this could be quite interesting. 8/10 – Steven Lornie, Demonzone (October 13th, 2015)


Instead of trying to become copycats of a great band of the 80’s, they fuse their influences and filter them under their own personality and because of that they manage to craft a sound that is old school and yet has fresh ideas and a certain originality. I think that I won’t exaggerate if I say that “Frostburn” is one of the best heavy metal releases of this year that shine because of their maturity, enthusiasm and creativity. 8.5/10 – Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis, Behind The Veil Webzine (August 5th, 2015)


   Track to track, the Lords of the Trident’s Frostburn is nothing short of a power metal masterpiece that everyone who enjoys this type of music needs to hear. That being said, the album lives up to the band’s claim of being “the most metal band on earth” and given time, they just might rival the long reigning kings of metal themselves. Look out Manowar, the Lords of the Trident are coming for your crown. 10/10 – Brett Kihlmire, Metal At the Gates (July 12th, 2015)


Vergleichen mit anderen Gruppen möchte ich die Band nicht unbedingt, aber sicher haben europäische Metal Bands wie Iron Maiden oder Judas Priest einen relativ großen Einfluss auf das Songwriting gehabt, allerdings lassen Lords Of The Tridenterstens eben genannten mehr als hilflos im Staub zurück- so ein Werk hat man schon Jahrzehnte lang nicht mehr von denen gehört- und zweitens, was der wohl wichtigste Punkt ist: Sie lassen ihre eigene Note auf JEDEM Track mit einfließen. Ohne übertreiben zu wollen liegt hier ein Album vor, das ab sofort als Referenzpunkt des Metal Genres dienen MUSS. (Alex) – Zephyr’s Odem (June 1st, 2015)


Firmly rooted at the cross section between US power metal and traditional, NWoBHM influenced heavy metal of the 80s, opener “Knights of Dragon’s Deep” unites all of the band’s trademarks and strengths in one nice package, great vocals, a gripping chorus, tight riffing and dynamics, lending the band the authenticity many bands strive for, but ultimately fail. And this seriousness definitely shows that there is a lot of substance hidden underneath these costumes and attire.

The super harmonic guitars of “The Longest Journey” make it an insanely catchy, but never shallow, track, whereas “Winds of the Storm” and “Den of the Wolf” add a few notches and closing “Shattered Skies” is a grandiosely epic and very dynamic closer to finish off an album that shows a few dryer spells in the middle (from “Manly Witness” to “Kill to Die” to be precise), where they have good moments and ideas, but don’t quite manage to keep things up at the same level. 7.5/10 – Alex Melzer, The Metal Observer (June 1st, 2015)


A Lords of the Trident performance is not your average local music show, it’s entertaining on another level. At first blush the band appears to be a parody of metal, dressed in costumes right out of some medieval (or futuristic, which is it?) science fiction series, brandishing flaming guitar and microphone props, encouraging singalongs and knighting audience members onstage. One could draw the conclusion that LotT don’t take themselves seriously. That would be a mistake. This is a collection of some of the most accomplished musicians in the city with a wicked rhythm section, a twin-guitar assault by two of the best shredders around and a vocalist who is on parallel with Rob Halford of Judas Priest, to which LotT are often compared. You don’t even need to like metal to love Lords of the Trident and that may be their greatest feat.

Lords of the Trident have been on a continuous roll since forming in 2005. Frostburn is their fifth recording (including their “holiday” EP, A Very Lords of the Trident Christmas) and their first since signing with German label Killer Metal Records . The band has progressed from a dorm room recording project to a fully functional touring outfit and one of the most popular bands in the city.

There has been a revolving door of sorts when it comes to band members. Vocalist Ty Christian (Fang Von Wrathenstein) and guitarist Akira Shimada (Asian Metal) are the mainstays with guitarist Elliot Ignasiak (Killius Maximus) joining soon after. Bassist Brent Clark (Pontifex Mortis) and drummer Joe Scarpelli III (Dr. Dante Vitus) are the most recent additions. Ignasiak will soon depart for an extended visit to the Himalayas and new member Brian Koenig (Baron Taurean Helleshaar) who most recently served as lead guitarist for Luna Mortis, has been initiated into the fold. For the full background story (which is hilarious) check the band’s bio.

Christian recruited ace Madison producer Doug Olson who also worked on the band’s 2013 release Plan of Attack. The sound is crisp and taut, a veritable orgy of guitars buoyed by relentless melodic vocal ear candy. Another band that comes to mind is Queensryche (at their best) and Frostburn was mastered by Dan Harjung who has worked with that band as well as other notables.

“Winds of the Storm” stands out but really there is not a weak song in the bunch. Dragons, impending darkness, epic battlefields, super-heroic feats of valor and tales of destiny abound. For supreme guitar soloing check “Manly Witness.” Astounding. The band break from the solos into a brief drum fill, build to a rousing climax and an ear-piercing scream from Christian. The twin guitar prowess is on full display in “Haze of the Battlefield,” the phrasing perfectly in synch, each squeezed note perfectly placed. The band excels at reproducing these techniques live. “Kill to Die” is a vocal workout, Christian up in his falsetto range for a large part of the track. Throughout the album, Christian’s self-harmonizing is impressive and lifts the album out of mere guitar histrionics. They’ve already created the theme to the movie series Fast and Furious XIV with “Light This City.” Maybe they can follow this with the theme to Mad Max XXV on their next album.

Don’t let the brief interludes of acoustic guitar or the brief “The Cloud Kingdom” (with actual keyboards!) lead you astray, you will be assaulted with glorious metal shimmer and the Lords of the Trident will see to it that you are fully redeemed, saved from the world of ordinary slavery to mundaneness. This is escape music from a world of dread into an imaginary world that is even more dreadful, leaving their subjects grateful for the life they do have, and able to carry on for another day – until the next Lords of the Trident show where they will make each and every audience member and fan matter. – Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds Magazine (May 28th, 2015)


At least an unusual band with an attitude that might refer to comics, or a Gwar version meets the beauties of Lordi and add some fantasy atmosphere to get the job done. Sometimes I wonder why they have a kind of despise as the music of LOTT is much more mature and professional compared with the outfits of the members and the charisma in general. They transfer their songs into a fantasy world where knights and dungeons were daily topics, while the enchanted forest unleashed dragons and myths. It’s like a good song is transposed to a gimmick world and that’s totally unnecessary.

‘Knights of Dragon’s Deep’ is a perfect opener for an album, as it’s inviting to dive into the metal of LOTT for the upcoming 45 minutes. Guitars produce Heavy Metal arrangements while the vocals sprinkle a melodic approach to the heaviness. ‘The Longest Journey’ is slower but at the same time heavier with a lot of outstanding riffing from beginning on. The vocals are more ‘sensitive’ but things work out very well.

There is a video for the track ‘Winds Of The Storm’ and this song captures all ingredients that are typical for LOTT. Well driven, good pace, outstanding vocals (‘erupted from a volcano of metal and steel at the beginning of time’, so they say), and guitars that are executed with a nice shredding effect. Again there is interaction between the faster songs on this album and the slower ones. ‘Manly Witness’ is heavy as hell but at the same time a track with an encouraging chorus line. It has an 80ies feeling and approach and leads us into the calm intro and ballad-esque beginning of ‘Haze Of The Battlefield’. The album continues with another portion of action after this rather slow moment with ‘Kill To Die’, one of the heaviest and fastest songs on “Frostburn”.

Fang von Wrathenstein has all necessary elements to be considered as ‘a good metal vocalist’ as he’s leading his voice from heights to depths, but never exorbitant. After listening to this album for a few times, I must admit that I had several times the ‘Europe’ feeling. The songs have the same maturity but at once also the property that a melodic touch can match to a heavier layer. 85/100 – Sloof, MetalToInfinity (May 10th, 2015)


Wurde im deutschen Werbefernsehen nicht mal der Begriff ‘Gefrierbrand’ geprägt? Damals ging es jedoch mehr um reißfeste Plastikbeutel als um Heavy Metal. Nichts desto trotz titelt dieses dritte Album von Lords Of The Trident nun “Frostburn”, da soll mal einer sagen, die Band bestehend aus Pontifex Mortis, Dr. Dante Vitus, Fang von Wrathenstein, Killius Maximus und Asian Metal hätte keine Ideen für Titel und Namen. Musikalisch gibt es freundlichen Power Metal auf die Ohren, nie zu derbe, aber dafür hochmelodisch. Das Stück an dritter Stelle heißt “Winds Of The Storm”. Die Überlegungen, ob das nun bedeutungsstark oder sinnfrei ist, bläst die Riffgitarre fort. “Kill To Die” ist ein weiterer Kandidat für das Possenmuseum. Die zehn Songs wurden um die prägnate Singstimme von Fang herumgebaut, mit der er sehr hoch kommt, sich aber auch gefühlvoll der jeweiligen Stimmung einschmeicheln kann. Sehr starke Gitarren zeigen sich auf diesem Album treibend und schön bratend, ein Sound, der wirklich Spaß macht. Die Zielgruppe ist aber eher bei den nicht wenigen Leuten zu suchen, die Anfang August gern zum großen Festival nach Norddeutschland reisen. 6.5/10 – Joxe Schaefer, Crossfire (April 29th, 2015)


Lords of the Trident – aha….warum erinnert mich der Bandname irgendwie an Zahncreme ? Egal…wir haben’s hier mit fünf Jungs aus Madison, Wisconsin zu tun, die mit „Frostburn“ bereits ihr drittes Album herausgebracht haben.

Was bei der Truppe zuerst auffällt, sind die bescheuerten Masken, welche die Musiker tragen. Hier wird man unweigerlich an Bands wie Grailsknight oder sonstige Kasperletheater-Figuren erinnert. Zudem noch die Pseudonyme jedes Einzelnen, wie beispielsweise Fang von Wrathenstein (vocals), Killius Maximus (guitars) oder Pontifex Mortis (drums)…ich komm aus dem Lachen gar nicht mehr raus. Auffallen um jeden Preis ist also angesagt und wenn man sich dann selbst als „the most Metal band on Earth“ bezeichnet ist zumindest Skepsis angebracht.

Doch trotz allen Klamauks muß man der Band zugute halten, daß sie durchaus was kann. Die Band spielt melodischen Heavy Metal, der meist ohne Tralala-Passagen auskommt und eher traditionellen Bands wie den Scorpions ähnelt, als den vielen Power Metal Bands dieser Welt.

Bereits der Opener „Kights of Dragon’ s Deep“ zeigt, daß hier ein guter Sänger am Werk ist und auch die Musikanten stilsicher unterwegs sind. Der eingängige Refrain lässt keine Wünsche offen, lediglich der Chrorus im Blind Guardian Stil ist mir ein wenig zu hoch. Auch im folgenden „The Longest Journey“ überzeugt die tolle, klare Gesangsstimme, die mich ein bisschen an Gil Moore von Triumph erinnert und ein harmonischer Refrain. Zudem gibt es gar ein bisschen Van Halen Gitarre zu hören.

Die Band lässt sich ganz gut was einfallen, um abwechslungsreich zu bleiben. So beginnt „Light this City“ zum Beispiel mit einem aufheulenden Motorengeräusch , wird danach zum straighten Midtempo Rocker und bietet diverse Fight..fight..fight- Chöre. Oder das Scorpions-mäßige „Manly Witness“ mit klasse Gitarrensolo, das mit über 6 Minuten zudem recht lang ausgefallen ist.

Nicht zuletzt glänzt man auch mit dem von einem Kirchenorgel-meets-Akkustikgitarre eingeleiteten Abschlußtrack „Shattered Skies durch dargebotene Epik inklusive elegischem Zwischenpart.

Alles ist nicht Gold was glänzt. So verursacht die Mickey-Mouse Kopfstimme bei „Kill to Die“ echt Zahnschmerzen (Trident ?). Vom Song her ein einziger Speed-Metal Langweiler.

Bei „Winds of the Storm“ zitiert man zu extrem bekannte Metal-Riffs und der Refrain kommt leider zu flach.

Trotzdem kann man Lords of the Trident bescheinigen, daß sie ein gutklassiges Melodic-Metal traditioneller Gangart eingespielt haben, welches irgendwie in krassem Gegensatz zu dem affigen Image der Maskerade etc. steht. Ein paar songwriterische Schwächen noch ausgemerzt, dann steht der musikalischen Karriere nichts mehr im Wege. Optisch auffallen tut man ja schon einmal…. 7/10 – Monkey Castle Reviews (April 28th, 2015)


Rock Hard Magazine’s Soundcheck (cumulative review of 12 reviewers) – 68.5/100



7/10 – Alexandra Michels, Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) (May 2015 Issue)


Κι αν παρόλα αυτά, τα κοστούμια τους και το γενικότερο κλίμα που αποπνέουν, δεν σας έπεισαν ακόμα αρκεί το εναρκτήριο κομμάτι Knights of Dragons Deep για αλλαξοπιστήσετε και να δείτε την αλήθεια κατάματα. Μη ξεχνάμε ότι είναι λίγες οι μπάντες που τιμάνε το κλασσικό heavy μετά από τόσα χρόνια. Η συγκεκριμένη, μάλιστα, θα έλεγα ότι παντρεύει με πολύ μαεστρία στοιχεία από διάφορα συγγενεύοντα μεταξύ τους υποείδη παρουσιάζοντας ένα πολύ φρέσκο αποτέλεσμα που σε καμία περίπτωση δεν θυμίζει μια επανάληψη του παρελθόντος.

Οι Lords Of The Trident είναι αυτό που λείπει από τη παγκόσμια μουσική σκηνή και μαζί με ονόματα όπως οι Enforcer έρχονται να αναζωπυρώσουν τις στάχτες της χρυσής εποχής της αγαπημένης μας μουσικής. Αν το Frostburn έχει τα φόντα για ένα τέτοιο επίτευγμα μόνο ο χρόνος θα μπορέσει να το δείξει. Σε κάθε περίπτωση, έχουμε να κάνουμε με έναν εξαιρετικό δίσκο που δεν πρέπει να λείπει από καμία δισκοθήκη, μαζί με το σαπούνι το οποίο πουλάνε τα παιδιά από το Wisconsin. 85/100 – Rock Overdose (April 28th, 2015)



What I do know is that while the band clearly knows how to have a good time, when it comes to writing and recording, they’re all business. The 10 songs (9 if you don’t count the instrumental interlude “The Cloud Kingdom” that leads into closer “Shattered Skies”) that make up Frostburn, the band’s third full-length album, possess a smoothness and, dare I say, maturity that takes them beyond mere cheesy power metal mischief. At times there’s almost an AOR quality, such as the catchy “The Longest Journey,” which comes off as polished and very melodic, both in the lead and solo work as well as Fang’s vocals, especially when he sings “Do you believe the prophecy?” holding out the notes on “believe” and “prophecy,” followed by the “whoa-ohhh” chants in the chorus that are not only ideal for singing along in the live setting, but will ensure the song stays with you long after you’ve heard it. Another highly melodic cut, which also features some excellent harmonizing work in the solo, is “Haze of the Battlefield.” Sounding like something from Alex Kraft (ex-Onkel Tom) and his western-metal side project Dezperadoz in the intro, it begins with an acoustic guitar melody before the familiar distorted guitar crunch takes over and hammers out a start/stop riff.

For the most part, Lords of the Trident is content to inhabit the fantasy lands of knights and dragons. “Manly Witness” sounds like a cross between HammerFall and Firewind (think “Mercenary Man”) and “Light This City” is perfectly suited to serve as the soundtrack to Eddie Riggs crushing skulls and racing around in the Deuce in the Brutal Legend videogame, but the band also knows how to go for the throat, as it does on the attitude-filled “Kill to Die,” which immediately brings to mind Into Eternity, with pummeling double bass right off the bat from Vitus, frenetic knifing guitars, and Stu Block-like vocals from Fang. Also, be sure to check out the solo on “Shattered Skies,” as Killius and Asian Metal have saved their best for last. The production on Frostburn is exceptional, providing a sleek and polished product that sounds big (as power metal should) and bright. The fact that the record was funded through a Kickstarter campaign just makes it all the more impressive. 8.5/10 – Matt Bower, Dead Rhetoric (April 26th, 2015)


Very melodic hard rock/heavy metal. Clean vocals in most songs, but in “Kill To Die” he almost screams like Rob Halford. More of that please!
The album was produced/engineered by Doug Olson (NIRVANA, SMASHING PUMPKINS, CHEAP TRICK) and mastered by Dan Harjung (Robert Plant, LIVE, QUEENSRŸCHE).
This was really good! Definitely a must if you like melodic hard rock/heavy metal.
(Killer Metal Records/Junko Johnson Records) – Hard Rock Info (April 22nd, 2015)


Dieci brani potenti di power ed heavy melodico dal ritmo incalzante come l’opener “Knights of the Dragon’s deep” che mi ha ricordato il debutto dei grandi Dream Evil ed i sempre sottovalutati Dark Illusion (autori quest’ultimi di due grandi dischi con Thomas Vikstrom alla voce) ed in effetti le coordinate per leggere questo disco sono quelle. Il quintetto americano si dimostra a proprio agio tecnicamente e riesce a trovare spesso melodie di chitarra e voce apprezzabili anche ai primi ascolti. Piace infatti la successiva e meno tirata “The longest journey” così come “Manly witness”. Fang si dimostra cantante davvero valido dal timbro heavy/rock più che power ma la sua prova mi è piaciuta parecchio. Con il mid tempo “Haze of the battlefield” troviamo uno dei brani migliori del disco, melodico, coinvolgente mentre a seguire la bomba sonora “Kill to die” si occupa di farci agitare la testa. L’album non ne vuole sapere di abbassare il livello e “Den of the wolf” e “Light this city” sono altri due pezzi magistrali.

“Frostburn” è un prodotto davvero ben riuscito che i veri cultori del metal classico e del power/heavy melodico non si faranno di certo scappare, non è vero? Io la mia copia l’ho già ordinata! 4.5/5 – Federico Orano, (April 20th, 2015)


Deaf Forever’s Soundcheck (cumulative review of 13 reviewers) – 84/100



“Frostburn” oder “The Tale Of Frostburn And The Immortal Warriors” ist das dritte Studioalbum der US-Metaller von LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, die wir euch in Deaf Forever tja bereits im Interview vorgestellt hatten, und das erste, bei dem der schräge Humor der Amis auf ein Minimum zurückgefahren wurde. Vielleicht liegt die neue teutonisch anmutende Ernsthaftigkeit (Rumppärlhürgs! — Red.) ja am norddeutschen Label Killer Metal Records, das die Lords unter seine Fittiche genommen hat. Auf jeden Fall steht es den Jungs gut zu Gesicht, denn musikalisch waren sie noch nie eine Witztruppe. Die zehn Stücke von “Frostburn” bieten hervor-ragenden, melodischen US-Metal mit leichtem Euro-Touch, der durch hohe Hitdichte und kraftvollen Gesang zu punkten weiß. Beim Anhören von Highlights wie ‘Winds Of The Storm’ oder dem speedigen ‘Kill To Die’ bin ich mir sicher, das bisher beste LORDS OF THE TRIDENT-Album erwischt zu haben. Ihr hoffentlich auch! 9/10 – MARTIN BRANDT, Deaf Forever Magazine (April 2015 Issue)


La cosa più interessante dei Lords of the Trident è il modo in cui si presentano sul proprio sito internet. Descrivono le normali vicende della loro storia di band come se fossero un’epica battaglia… e che dire dei nickname dei membri? Uno di loro, di evidenti origini orientali, si fa chiamare ‘Asian Metal’! E alla fine questa presentazione fa godere anche il loro simpatico e onesto heavy metal (molto più anni ’90 che ’80, contrariamente a quanto sbandierano i nostri), nato nel contesto universitario del Winconsin. “Knights of Dragon’s Deep” è us metal moderno, lo si capisce lontano un miglio dal chorus e dal modo di suonare dei due guitarist. Cori da stadio per “The longest Journey”; la lunga “Manly Witness” lascia il giusto spazio alle escursioni strumentali e all’esibizione delle abilità dei singoli strumentisti. “Kill to die” gioca con sfumature più estreme di metal e con ritmiche black; “Light this City” si volge invece a un laccato ed energico heavy metal rock in perfetto stile old school. “Shattered Skies”, in chiusura, ci butta dentro un po’ di epica oscura che non dispiace. Due risate e un bel po’ di buona musica in “Frostburn”: perché chiedere di più? 7.5/10 – René Urkus, (April 15th, 2015)


if you enjoy power metal riffing, soaring vocals with what feels like an unlimited ranges, and don’t mind your metal being fun and full of melody, than you may enjoy Lords Of The Trident more than you could imagine. 86/100 – Joel Rittberg, (April 14th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxFrostburn posee grandes riffs, tanto en las introducciones como en el cuerpo de las canciones; expresan con gran claridad una actitud heavy, como en Light this city, cuyo ritmo es magistralmente llevado de principio a in. Si bien la velocidad no es la constante en este redondo, la melodía sale bien librada haciendo de este álbum un gran trabajo. Sorprende que se hayan tardado cuatro años para lanzar este disco, sin embargo la espera valió la pena. Aunque Lords of the Trident aún sigue moviéndose en la escena under de su país, es muy probable que tenga una gran acogida en la escena europea donde muchos de su estirpe han logrado brillar. – Heavy Riffs Magazine #29 (April 4th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxMadison, Wisconsin metal titans, Lords Of The Trident, usually get slagged for being too cheesy. But once you get past their wacky costumes, goofy stage names and gladiator shtick, you’ll notice that the band has some exceptional musical chops. I saw LotT open for Cage in 2010 at a bar in the middle of nowhere in Janesville, Wisconsin to a crowd of about 18. But the band managed to leave a lasting impression on the few who did attend, including yours truly. On the band’s third full-length album, Frostburn, the tracks are a  combination of classic heavy metal/NWOBHM and European power metal, with slight hints of ’80s hair metal influences. LotT has never been afraid to show its humorous side, but on Frostburn, they get more serious compared to its debut release, Death And Sandwich. 7.5/10 – Kelley Simms, Brave Words (April 1st, 2015)

01 FrontΝα και μια επιστροφή από μια μπάντα που γουστάρω πολύ τους τρελούς Lords Of The Trident που μας έχουν συνηθίσει σε κυκλοφορίες με αρκετή δόση χιούμορ και αυτοσαρκασμού. Εδώ έχουμε να κάνουμε με χριστουγεννιάτικα τραγούδια στο πνεύμα των  Lords Of The Trident που δε θα μπορούσε να είχε παρά ένα παλαβό και αστείο αποτέλεσμα. Και μόνο τους τίτλους να δει κανείς θα καταλάβει, ενδεικτικά αναφέρω τα   «Angels We Have Heard On High» και «Slutty Santa». Διασκεδαστικοί και ανάλαφροι μας προσφέρουν ότι χρειαζόμαστε για τα Χριστούγεννα, μια χαλαρή ατμόσφαιρα με feelgood διάθεση. Έχουμε και τη διασκευή του  «Huey Lewis And The News» από τους The Govermanet Channel που είναι αρκετά αξιοπρεπής και χαβαλετζίδικη. Εντάξει δε λέω ότι είναι και ο δίσκος της χρονιάς αλλά το » A Very Lords Of Trident Christmas έχει μια πολύ σοβαρή αποστολή να φέρει εις πέρας, να μας κάνει απλά να περάσουμε καλά χωρίς βαθυστόχαστες αναλύσεις και περίεργα ψαξίματα. Ακούστε τους και θα καταλάβετε ότι δεν είναι και τόσο κακό που και που να ακούσουμε και κάτι ανάλαφρο που στη τελική δε θα χαλάσει και κανέναν. Ακούστε τους και κολλήστε μαζί τους! 7/10 – Στάθης Αυγέρης, Greek Rebels (March 31st, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxFrostburn mostra que ainda é possível escrever grandes hinos de heavy metal seguindo as regras estabelecidas pelos grandes nomes do género. Claramente um nome a acompanhar. 5.7/6 – Pedro Carvalho, Via Nocturna (March 14th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxWow, die Jungs von LORDS OF THE TRIDENT hatte ich jetzt nicht wirklich auf der Rechnung mit einem neuen Album und dann präsentiert man uns so ein Bombenalbum! Da merkt man mal wieder es müssen nicht immer vollmundige Ankündigungen sein, Hauptsache das Ergebnis stimmt.
Und das tut es hier auf jeden Fall, mit “Frostburn” präsentieren die Jungs ihr bisher kompaktestes und bestes Album und sollten hoffentlich dieses Mal die Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, die ihnen schon lange gebührt. Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung meinerseits! 9/10 – Rock Garage (March 13th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxThe opening track “Knights Of Dragon’s Deep” speaks not just for itself but for the album at large: In true DREAM EVIL fashion they bring to the table an album with lots of variation, much fun, very good vocals – really an excellent Power Metal voice -, lots of skills, good riffs with lots of solos and overall just a mood-cheering album! “The Longest Journey” is a very catchy song with cool solos and nice tunes; I am sure these guys performing live would be an amazing experience as the music is totally positive – maybe a little like FREEDOM CALL. 10/10 – Metal Temple (March 16th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxNow with this new lease on Lords of the Trident I went in to the rest of the album with a different mindset. Frostburn does have many enjoyable classic metal influenced tracks. The Longest Journey made for a good follow-up to Knights of Dragons Deep. Like the opening track, it is very guitar friendly and the vocal melodies don’t shy away from being both catchy and powerful. Then there’s Winds of the Storm, which I regard as THE guitar track on the album, simply because it’s the guitar playing of this song that I always remember, and while the vocals shine bright and make the song more worth a listen, it’s the fast driving riffs matched with the great pace kept up by St. Vitus on drums that make this song completely worthwhile. 7.5/10 Phil Lisotti. Metal Nation Radio (March 12th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxDamit befinden sie sich – wie ´Winds Of The Storm´ schnurstracks beweist – mitunter in bester Gesellschaft zu RIOTs letztem Smasher ´Unleash The Fire´. Vor allem kann der Gesang in kraftvollen ebenso wie in Halford´schen Höhenlagen begeistern. Im schnellen ´Kill To Die´ oder gleichfalls in ´Light This City´ treten die PRIEST-Bezüge fast so offensichtlich zutage, wie es die Engländer CHAOS ASYLUM exerzieren. Aber auch klassische Twin-Gitarren, geboren in der Schmiede der EISERNEN JUNGFRAU, dürfen hier nicht fehlen. Und für die Lead-Gitarren im überragenden Kracher `The Longest Journey´ dürften sich einige Epic-Metaller die Hände abhacken – formidabel. 8.5/10 – Michael Haifl, StreetClip.TV (March 11th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxMusikalisch ist das bestes Ohrenfutter für Metalpuristen und Traditionalisten, denn auf „Frostburn“ lassen die LORDS gern auch mal etwas NWOBHM durchklingen und geben sich so einen kleinen MAIDEN-Touch der aber nicht ärgert sondern positiv auffällt, er fügt sich bestens in die US Spielart ein. 4/5 – Thorston, Metal Underground Magazine (March 11th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxThe sad part of this is that some poor misguided individuals will never give ‘Frostburn’ a chance because they’ve pigeonholed Lords of the Trident as a joke band.  Are they goofy as all hell live?  Yes, albeit in a completely awesome way.  But on this new album, they sound completely serious and dedicated to their craft.  Okay, fine, I’ll grant you that none of us are capable of truly looking into the hearts of men to judge their intentions.  But there’s a reverence to ‘Frostburn’ that, to me at least, conveys that Lords of the Trident aren’t being ironic or taking the piss out of this genre I (and all of you) love.  They’re having fun, sure.  But not at the expense of our beloved classic metal.  Quite simply, the Lords of the Trident have hit their stride on ‘Frostburn’ and the metal world is better for it. 9/10 – Kit Eckman, (March 2nd, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxI was expecting a joke band, a sub-par Nanowar with a crappy production and repetitive tunes. I really was. Instead, this music is a well-produced and highly melodic heavy metal that mixes a classic foundation with the right modern elements. Think straightforward heavy metal bands like Hibria but with a bit of fantasy/epic thrown in. Catchy tunes and many opportunities to headbang or sing along await the light-hearted metalhead. – Susan, (February 28th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxAuch, wenn man angesichts des Mummenschanzes, den die Amerikaner betreiben, eher auf eine Musik zwischen GWAR und SPINAL TAP schließen könnte: „Frostburn“ klingt absolut ernsthaft und alles andere als albern. Geboten wird, und das ist durchaus eine echte Überraschung, ebenso kraftvoller wie melodischer Power Metal, der sich des Besten von JUDAS PRIEST über IRON MAIDEN bis SONATA ARCTICA aus Europa annimmt, eine ordentliche Portion DIO einbringt und das Ganze mit US-typischen Modern-Metal-Elementen vermengt. 12/15 – Lothar Hausfeld, (February 23th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxFate come credete: scaricatelo, compratelo nel vostro negozio di fiducia ma, cari metal fan amanti dell’ hard & heavy ottantiano carico di anthem e melodie, fate vostro questo clamoroso album, ultimo lavoro degli americani Lords Of The Trident. 8.5/10 – Alberto Centenari, IYEZine (February 16th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxLa formación de origen yanki Lords of the Trident,vuelven a la carga con su peculiar forma de entender el Heavy Metal en su vertiente más graciosa y siempre desde la óptica de la parodia,y el resultado les ha funcionado a la perfección. – Metal Hispania (February 14th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxLoTT keep the fires of traditional glowing from it’s early NWoBHM roots to it’s current incarnation, mostly found in Europe. Their heavy metal is large on melody and harmony, mostly displayed through the twin guitar harmonies, but also the vocal arrangements. Ty “Fang Von Wrathenstein” Christian has a strong clear voice, and never rages or goes too screamo (well maybe within Kill To Die). Honestly, I think he’s one of the best new heavy metal vocalists out there, and he’s from the States. Gasp. … In the end, and quite plainly, Lords of the Trident’s Frostburn is a fine and entertaining example of how “true” melodic heavy power metal should be done. Accept no substitutes. Recommended. 4.5/5 – Craig Hartranft, Danger Dog Music Reviews (February 11th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500px80年代の、特に JUDAS PRIEST とか IRON MAIDEN などのクラシックなヘビーメタルファンは、ぜひこのアルバムをチェックしてみてください。- Fuschia, (February 8th, 2015)

FrostburnCover_500pxThe Lords of the Trident bill themselves as the rulers of metal and by any standard ‘Frostburn‘ is evidence that claim is backed up by majestic metal indeed. This follow up to ‘Plan of Attack‘ cranks up the band’s resume a few notches as the recording sound and musicianship reaches new levels of awesomeness. This is undoubtedly some of the finest metal on the market. Tune in to ‘Knights of Dragon’s Deep‘ for a taste of the Trident as it’s best. – Rokit Mann, High Voltage Music (February 6th, 2015)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“While Plan Of Attack only has four songs, it made enough of an impact on me to include it here. In the midst of all of the songs, Lords Of The Trident’s tongue is planted firmly in their check as they go about parodying the stereotypes of metal similar to the way of Gloryhammer.  It begins with an energetic, in-your-face falsetto charge and ends with a gallop off into the sunset. They have tales of video game assassins, the dreams of Viking warriors, and knights in shining armor. When listening to Plan Of Attack I just couldn’t help but find myself pounding my fists and smiling from ear to ear.” – SpaceKev, BlackWindMetal (January 14th, 2014)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“A four song EP, Plan of Attack is the perfect dose of metal to get your blood pumping and head banging. Guitar riffs chug along with precision and solos wail from State Street to Valhalla. Combined with lyrics that tell tales of ancient battles and conquest, VonWrathenstein’s wide-ranging voice hits a mark somewhere between Iron Maiden and Tenacious D.” – Andrew Mackens, IndieU (2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“It’s one thing to come up with a theme; it’s another thing entirely to throw yourself into the role with both feet. For Lords Of The Trident, these are not characters or alter egos. They are living this story to the fullest, and making music that completes it. It’s as though they’ve created a time machine that brings history to you, rather than you to history. They’ve conjured up the sounds, the imagery, and the technical ability of the some of the greatest bands of the last few decades, and brought it all back full force in the year 2013. Call this what you will; cheesy, done to death, ancient. Those are all just words. When the album is over and you’ve digested the four songs, you’ll have them lodged somewhere in your brain for a long time to come. For whatever reason, this is the kind of music that lasts, the kind of music that lingers. This is the kind of EP that you’ll go back to time and time again, even when you don’t know why. Based on that alone, “Plan Of Attack” would be worthy of your time. But it’s even better than you think. 8.5/10″ – Darrell Carey, Sorrow Eternal (July 23rd, 2013)

Chains_sm“Overall, I really enjoyed the sophomore album from these Wisconsin metallers. Like (almost) every album it has its ups and downs, strong points and weak points. But Lords of the Trident outweigh the weak points with the strong points in this album, Chains on Fire. If you can appreciate good humor with your metal then I think you’ll enjoy this album, but if you take everything so serious then I’d say stay away. These guys are playing metal and having fun doing it, and that’s what it’s all about or at least should be. Keep it up guys! 80/100” – Steel and Fire Records (2011)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“As you can tell I am a major fan of this piece of work. As a reviewer hearing something that impacts you and makes you want to listen time and time again is rare. Lords of the Trident have given us a peak under the costumes and what we see is well crafted metal musicians giving us the dose of true heavy metal we have all been missing.” – Bill Knowlton, (July 10th, 2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“As the self-proclaimed MOST METAL BAND ON EARTH, these lords of tridents really know how to make old school heavy metal with high soaring vocals and rocking guitar lines. Their previous albums are well written but more lighthearted, so I was totally blown away by their “Plan of Attack” EP released this year. I did an extremely entertaining interview with the frontman, Fang VonWrathenstein, that had me laughing my ass off the whole time, but more importantly I realized the potential these guys truly had to make it big. Their music, although it sounds straight out of the speed and heavy metal hall of fame, is completely original and well-written. It’s gritty but melodic, and easy to sing along with, and should definitely get a listen or two from heavy metal fans.” – Mattie Jensen, Metalholic (December 23rd, 2013)

Chains_sm“It seems that this Wisconsin act have assumed complete control of their faculties and have opted to releases an excellent Classic U.S. Power Metal exhibition bout. Every song is just astounding! Fans of TYR and newer AMORPHIS will enjoy the skyforged Vikingesque epic voyage of “Song Of The Wind And Sea”, as the LORDS sail free on the seas of Metal.  Promoters of older ICED EARTH, STEEL ASSASSIN, newer ATTACKER, all CRIMSON GLORY, will be prepared for “The Joust”. The fast-paced title-track itself, clearly influenced by RIOT, has a wicked touch and certain sonic suggestions culled from their sophomore outing “Chains Of Fire”. 8/10″. – Michael “MettleAngel” Francisco, Metal Temple (August 22nd, 2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“Man sollte Humor und Metal nicht gleich verteufeln, denn die Jungs von Lords of the Trident haben es voll drauf. Sie beherrschen ihre Instrumente perfekt und transportieren eine geballte Ladung Heavy “Metal in ihren Songs. Die Band aus Wisconsin ist eine Bereicherung und ich bin gespannt auf ein mögliches Album. Wer also die Möglichkeit hat, die CD zu bekommen, sollte sich diese unbedingt zulegen, denn hier liegt man nicht falsch. 9/10” – (2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“Overall, Plan Of Attack is very much swords ’n’ sorcery metal and the novelty can certainly grow thin rather quickly. When you cast aside the hokum though, this is still a rollicking listen featuring some intense guitar work and armour-plated chest pounding. 6.5/10″ – Neil Arnold, Metal Forces (September 2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“Throughout the musicianship is crisp with Fang VonWrathenstein offering solid melodic metal vocals, and Killius Maximus and Asian Metal showing that metal guitar solos rule. Production comes from engineer Doug Olson (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick,) and drummer Martin Atkins (NIN, Killing Joke, Pigface, et al) making the sound vibrant and alive. Plan of Attack is solid ‘keep it true’ metal, possibly some of the finest I’ve heard on the American side of the Atlantic. However, after two full-length albums, they should come back with more. Otherwise, easily recommended. 4/5″ – Craig Hartranft, Dangerdog Music Reviews (August 7th, 2013)

Chains_sm“This band sounds professional, contains a superb singer who performs songs that keep on playing in my mind! I hear fantastic leads, the first songs sound as good Metal track should sound! Triumph, Dokken, Manowar, Savatage, Witchfynde, Reverence, Firewolfe, TNT. This band blows me away! 85/100” – MetalToInfinity (April 10th, 2013)

AlbumCover_500x500_iTunes“‘Plan Of Attack’ a set of tracks that packs in that unearthly punch! Lyrical content with humor and parody usage these guys have the energy and passion of wanting to make music and thus that is what is done here. “Complete Control”, and “Song of the Wind and Sea” stand above the rest keeping the music on edge yet intense as everything is in check with one another, makes it all go round if you will. The instruments do well having riffs, solos, drum tactics and vocal chords all in accordance to the beat of the tune. It is that explosive rage and that sound of battle keeping these lords alive and well hence probably why they call themselves the Lords of the Trident for this “Plan of Attack” attacks on target each and every time.” Nataiez World (Sept. 2013)

Chains_sm“A relatively new American heavy metal band .Founded in 2008,the lords released their debut full-length “Death Or Sandwich” ,the following year.Their second cd is titled “Chains Of Fire” and without a doubt any fan of Nwobhm will absolutely love this record ,which blasts out twin-guitars/shredding guitar solos all throughout the album and thanks to super strong production,great vocal work,Fang VonWrathenstein is the band’s singer and he can sing very clean ,almost soulful like in the midtempo “Beauty Of The Blade”,but also high-pitched at times and then changing into an almost King Diamond kinda direction,which might not work for everyone,but he’s really and excellent singer,such as can be heard at best during the song “Foggy Harbor Town” and some really catchy melodic choruses,we have a winner here for all the fans of classic melodic metal out there.” – Doel Gonzalez, Aquelarrezine (May 20, 2012)

Chains_sm“…The music does the talking and the fantastic voice of Fang VonWrathenstein (yes I kid you not) is impressive and opening track ‘Skyforce’ comes charging out the speakers. Clear the influences of Iron Maiden in the twin guitar department is evident in the title track ‘Chains on Fire’ and it all works rather well. There is no denying the guys can play and elements of metal meld well in the delivery, and the title track could be Accept or Primal Fear and is a huge slice of hard riffing metal. Admittedly there is nothing revolutionary here but when you consider the poor output of an established act like Queensryche these days this is by far a superior proposition, if only for the entertainment value alone…Certainly a song like ‘Stranded’ has all the elements of a classic metal tune and the guitar delivery is impressive and exciting.” – Ray Paul, Fireworks Magazine (UK) (Feb 01, 2012)

Chains_sm“And now for an excellent heavy metal band with an extremely good sense of humour and a lot of tongue very firmly in cheek. This is the second album by American outfit Lords Of The Trident, a metal band very much inspired by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but with elements of Kiss and maybe even Lordi thrown in for good measure. The music is loud and aggressive metal with riffs and solos aplenty from the gloriously named Killius Maximus and Asian Metal with a screaming vocal master class from Fang VonW, you get the picture? The publicity with this CD is hilarious as is the ‘supposed’ story of the band’s development and is all great stuff indeed. However, silly names and sci-fi biographies are all well and good but it is ultimately the music that counts and the Lords Of The Trident certainly deliver the goods. Play loud and glory in the 80’s inspired metal on offer.” – TC, Classic Rock Review Magazine (UK) (Feb 01, 2012)

Chains_sm“Lords of the Trident plays the kind of traditional metal that’s clearly inspired by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and isn’t too far removed from bands like Widow and Twisted Tower Dire. The band has a great twin lead guitar sound, clichéd (in a good way) metal lyrics, and knows their way around some wicked melodies. It also helps that they’ve got a vocalist with a unique sound and an impressive range. …Chains on Fire is every bit as good as recent releases by fellow traditional metal revivalists like Split Heaven, Arctic Flame and Thunderblast. It’s just a good, solid heavy metal album from a band that doesn’t take things too seriously, which makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience.” – Justin Gaines, Hardrock Haven (Aug 13, 2011)

Chains_sm“The actual overall sound is nothing short of impressive considering that it is an independent record…To be honest this is probably one of the most original things I have heard in quite some time…Strong rhythm figures from the guitar, rather dramatic solos, drums exciting and complex, and bass lines that you could build a house on top of.” – Reviewer, Nightspirit Magazine (May 10, 2010)

Chains_sm“Lords of the Trident kick ass…threads of Dio and Iron Maiden wove themselves through the chainmail of hard rock antics with all the audacity and none of the pretense. … But you haven’t even heard the balls out riffage, singer Fang VonKilenstein’s falsetto fury, and the nimble fingers of lead guitarists Asian Metal and Killius Maximus.” – Tim Thompson, Local Sounds (Jan 22, 2010)

Chains_sm“The band’s sound is heavier than rock but not always bombastic enough to be metal. There are elements of Judas Priest, Praying Mantis, Magnum and Iron Maiden mixed with bar room rock ‘n’ roll. The result is very appealing with plenty of catchy songs and great riffs catching the attention again and again.” – Rock Realms, Rock Realms (Dec 15, 2011)

Chains_sm“Chains on Fire – 7/10” – Martin Howell, Powerplay Magazine (UK) (Jan 26, 2012)



Chains_sm“A quality twin guitar attack and vocalist who can out do Bruce Dickinson in the hold-a-note stakes are proof that these nostalgia loving metal freaks should be heard before you assume the worst due to their image. Song titles such as ‘Skyforce’, ‘Chains On Fire’, ‘The Metal Sea’ and ‘The Enforcer’ sum up all that the Tridents are about.” – Ross Welford, Uber Rock (Dec 15, 2011)

Chains_sm“..Lords have the songs and the talent to pull it all together. Classic metal is the order of the day here with Iron Maiden and Helloween being obvious influences. There is variety in the bands writing styles going from the fast, galloping rock of Chains On Fire and Followers Of Set, classic AOR with Fighting For Love and even a bit of pirate rock on The Metal Sea. Vocalist Fang has a good range, even slipping into Justin Hawkins falsetto territory on a few tracks and the band all put in an admirable performance. This is an excellent release from a band that look like they would be well worth seeing live, their stage act apparently involves them setting each other alight and the band having mock battles on stage! One surprise though was that I had the band down as hailing from either Sweden or Germany going by their sound, but they are in fact from Wisconsin which came as a bit of a shock, so if you fancy a bit of US metal with a very European slant…” 4/5 – David Wilson, Get Ready To Rock (Nov 25, 2011)

Chains_sm“The Lords are showmen at heart. They strive to bring people into the genre of heavy metal who would typically dismiss it without a second thought…Through the ups and downs of the local scene these guys have really stuck by their guns, and branded their own little piece of the Madison scene and the metal genre.” – Chris Fox, Maximum Ink (Apr 15, 2010)

Chains_sm“Chains On Fire” is an entertaining album for fans of the pureness of Heavy Metal. – Tim Vervaeke, Thoughts of Metal (Apr 24, 2011)



DOSCover500px2015Ressiue“Gauntlet-sporting frontman Fang VonWrathenstein pumps his macho mid-range and screeching falsetto in a silly yet affectionate approximation of Bruce Dickinson, and dual-lead guitarists Asian Metal…and Killius Maximus…pull off a decent combination of galloping riffs and harmonized solos.” – Scott Gordon, The Onion (Dec 29, 2009)

DOSCover500px2015Ressiue“…sick guitar riffs and intense lyrics…fierce drumming and complicated guitar solos.” – Allie Eggers, The Badger Herald (Feb 23, 2009)


Chains_sm“…Si ves por primera vez fotos de LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, no te confundas, ellos no hacen música de broma. Ellos son una banda seria que si te gusta el Heavy Metal de toda la vida, te haán disfrutar durante la hora y ocho minutos que dura este novedoso “Chains of Fire”. Puntuación: 7.5/10” – Queens of Steel (Jan 05, 2012)

Chains_sm“…Avec “Chains Of Fire” Lords Of The Trident confirme qu’il est une bonne formation, sans prétention. Les américains ne révolutionnent pas le genre mais ils rendent honneur à une certaine idée du heavy mélodique classique dans la lignée des grands du genre. S’il est difficile de penser que le groupe saura devenir plus qu’une modeste formation, les amateurs devraient cependant y trouver leur compte.” – Noise, MusicWaves (France) (Jul 17, 2012)

Chains_sm“…Gerade die tollen zweistimmigen Leadgitarren von Killius Maximus und Asian Metal lassen Erinnerungen an die britischen Jungfrauen aufkommen, die in Tracks wie „Stranded“ oder dem genialen „Beauty Of The Blade“ ihren Höhepunkt finden. Ganz erheblichen Anteil an den Lobeshymnen hat sicherlich auch der Falsettgesang von Fang von Wrathenstein, welcher die durchgehend guten Kompositionen mit seiner Stimme veredelt. Weitere Highlights neben erwähntem „Beauty Of The Blade“ ist der Power-Opener „Skyforce“, der epische Schunkelsong „The Metal Sea“, das orientalisch angehauchte „Followers Of Seth“ sowie der mit dezent eingesetzten Grunts eines zweiten Sängers ausgestattete Rauswerfer „Man/Machine“. Also nicht vom Äußeren der CD abschrecken lassen, denn für Traditionalisten ist „Chains On Fire“ eine super Empfehlung.” – Stephan Becker, Obliveon Metal and Gothic Magazine (Aug 28, 2011)

Chains_sm“Chains on Fire Score: 9.7/10 Brzmienie jest tu solidne. Nie jest to mistrzostwo świata, ale osiągnęli dokładnie to, co chcieli – lata 80-te, choć czasami można odnieść wrażenie, że nie ma tu basisty. Duch tych czasów unosi się tu wszędzie, w melodiach, solach i niezwykłym feelingu, a całą tą autentyczność klimatu uzupełnia zrozumienie i współpraca zespołu. Tu nie ma walki o prymat i każdy daje coś od siebie po równo. Ameryka lat 80-tych – WASP, MOTLEY CRUE, MANOWAR i wiele, wiele więcej, każdy coś wyłapie, a robienie listy, kto, gdzie, dlaczego i kiedy by zajęło sporo czasu, bo nawiązań jest tu wiele. Zdarzają się momenty słabsze, ale na szczęście chwila słabości nie oznacza tu totalnej mielizny. Przewodnik po heavy metalu i streszczenie lat 80-tych USA w bardzo dobrym wydaniu.” – Arn1, Metal Melodic Sound (Feb 07, 2011)

DOSCover500px2015Ressiue“(Death or Sandwich) proves to be as solid as if a blacksmith hammered it into place .” – Les Chappel, Wood Clock Toy (May 05, 2009)