Guitar World – MUSIC OF THE ARCANE #2!

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Our Baron returns to Guitar World magazine with his second MUSIC OF THE ARCANE column. Check it out here: PDF of the lesson here!

New EP – METAL Kidz Bop!

Fang VonWrathenstein Updates

Hails minions! We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while now, but we’re ready to announce a new EP from your LORDS! While we were recording our last covers EP, re:Quests, we decided to re-record some of our older hits in a new format. You see, we’ve pretty much conquered the METAL market for digital downloads (thanks to your …

Patreon Launched!

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HAILS, MINIONS! We’ve had quite a week! After a successful battle opening for STEEL PANTHER in Madison, WI, we’re celebrating by launching our brand new Patreon campaign! What is Patreon? As many of you know, the music industry has changed drastically over the past 15 years. Gone are the days of gold-plated-shark-tank-bars and artists actually making a living after signing …

Words of Fang –

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This month on Words of Fang, we teach you how to set up a website just like the one you’re looking at right now! Woah, website inception!


Fang VonWrathenstein Updates

Just wanted to let all you mortals know that we have found a new immortal lead guitar player! His name and the story of how we met will be announced soon, but we can let you know that for a time, he masqueraded as a mortal lead guitar player in the band Luna Mortis, and was signed to Century Media! …

Can you shred? New guitarist needed!

Fang VonWrathenstein Updates

Minions – We’re still auditioning for a replacement for Killius Maximus! Facebook event here: Our guitarist Killius Maximus will be leaving us to study yoga and meditation at an ashram in India at the beginning of March 2015, and then headed off to medical school immediately afterwards. …no, really, I’m serious. We are seeking a new guitarist to join …


Fang VonWrathenstein Updates

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! FROSTBURN HAS BEEN RELEASED! How do you get your hands on a copy? Physical Copy: Europe/EU: Check your local record store! Can’t find a copy? Contact Killer Metal Records to find the nearest record store that carries Frostburn, or order from the record company directly. USA/Japan/All non-EU Countries: Order it from …

Soap and Scratch & Dent Shirts!

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Aw snap, things are about to get SUDSY! We’ve just released our METAL SOAPS on our merch store: LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! Click for soap: Bet you didn’t think a metal band could peddle soap!? Well, we didn’t either, until an Ohio soap company offered to make us soaps with our guitar pics embedded in them! Each of these soaps …

New Armor Shirt Pre-Order

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Ever have that AWKWARD moment when you leave the house without your armor? We’ve all been there. Well, your LORDS have once again solved all of your problems with our brand new ARMOR SHIRT! Pre-order your shirt today: