Madison, WI – HEADLINING Between The Waves Metal Showcase

Fang VonWrathenstein

June 16, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – June 17, 2017 @ 1:00 am
High Noon Saloon
701 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703
Madison, WI - HEADLINING Between The Waves Metal Showcase @ High Noon Saloon | Madison | Wisconsin | United States

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Part of the Between the Waves Music Festival. This evening will showcase some amazing Madison metal and hard rock bands.

Lords of the Trident
Cold Black River
and Disgunt.

We are pleased to bring you this night of amazing Madison music. This is just one of many events during the Between the Waves Festival over the weekend of June 16th and 17th.

$10 at the door
$20 single day pass
$35 weekend pass

Visit for tickets and more info.

Lords of the Trident
Their metal is so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to, “Please turn it down.” You think you’re bad? While you’re watching their sweep picking wondering how they bend space-time to fit all the notes in, they’ll punch you right in the face without missing a beat. If you like battle, bloodshed, axes, fire, and losing limbs, then mosh your way to the front row and receive your free ticket to Valhalla. If you don’t like these things – too bad. They’re playing anyway, and they’ll make sure to steal your girlfriend in the proces

Subatomic…a powerful, jam-oriented power-trio with thunderous, funky bass grooves…driving, tasty drumming…heavy, riff-laden guitar…and solid, insightful vocals. While influences and song styles may vary greatly, making the music hard to label, there are a few things that remain constant – the sound is huge, the music is powerful and honest, and whether or not you have a shred of rhythm, your head will bump and nod with the grooves.

Cold Black River
Cold Black River was formed in 2013 by former sons of Helliphant ( Jeremy Roseland (guitar/vocals) and Eric Cobb (bass/lead vocals). After penning tunes for several months and collaborating with a shortlist of talented drummers, CBR finally settled on southern Wisconsin native Aaron Kanitz to complete the powerful three piece.

Starting as what was supposed to be a side project, Disgunt was formed in 2015 featuring members of War Of Abaddon and The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture. Disgunt played their first show at the end of March, 2016. Since then they have been playing shows all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Featuring a nine string guitar, Disgunt set out to write low and slow technical deathcore music. The low guttural vocals just enhance all of their goals as far as what type of music they want to create. Disgunt hopes to give you an experience you will remember and hopefully everybody will find something good to take away from the experience, regardless of musical preference.