Perfect for washing melted faces! Comes with a Lords of the Trident guitar pick embedded inside!

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Bet you didn’t think a metal band could peddle soap!? Well, we didn’t either, until an Ohio soap company offered to make us soaps with our guitar pics embedded in them! Each of these soaps are hand-made from luxurious ingredients, and come with a 100% authentic Lords of the Trident guitar pick embedded inside!

Comes in 5 designs – Celtic Dragon, Gargoyle, Celtic Knot, Dangerous Urchin, and Metal Medallion
and 4 scents – Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, and METAL! (no, seriously, there’s a “metal” scent.) – All scents except METAL sold out!

We choose the design and scent for you based on a centuries-old divination technique.

MELTY DISCOUNT SOAPS – WHOOPS – We left our metal soaps out in the trailer too long, and they got a little…melty. The soaps still work, and they still smell great, but the design on the top doesn’t look so great any more. Choose this option and take $2 off!

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Normal, Melty (DISCOUNT!)